Colonial Pila & Lavadero Fountain

Pila y lavadero colonial en Santo Domingo del Cerro by Rudy A. Girón

I have mentioned it a few times, but let me repeat it again. There’s are aesthetic principles which are used and apply to design and architecture to make then look and fit harmoniously and coherently into the Antigua Guatemala enchanting environment. Take this water tank and washbasins for instance, which I am not sure it’s an original piece or if it was built to look old and worn. This is what I call the antigüeño aesthetic values: colonial styles and designs, built to look worn, old and even abandoned; normally with part of the plaster removed as to show the guts. Sometimes, they even give new uses to objects, like in the picture above where the water tank and washbasins are used as decorative fountain. Other examples that I’ve seen are colonial style cooking pot used for a regular plant pot, a door or window turned into a coffee table, an old carriage wheels used as decorative elements, et cetera.

Other recent examples of the antigüeño aesthetic values:

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