AntiguaDailyPhoto Turns 6-year Old

Santa Clara's Bakery in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

Today is celebrating its sixth anniversary. Also, the CityDailyPhoto community around the world is having the monthly theme day which is Bakeries. As many of you know, I try to participate as often as I can on the monthly theme days. The picture above was taken at the Santa Clara bakery, just south of the Santa Clara convent ruins. The Panadería Santa Clara has some of the best bread available in Antigua Guatemala.

Feed me, the letter slot says!

TragaletrasThe first time I requested post cards was an experiment entitled Postscript; a test we ran back in 2007 when we wanted to test how efficient was the regular Guatemalan Postal Service.

We were delighted by the kind words and to see postal stamps from many cities and countries. So, if you appreciate the work we do at AntiguaDailyPhoto and want to show it or simply participate in testing the snail mail system AGAIN, please, send a post card or letter from wherever you find yourself now to the address below:


For the sixth anniversary (2192 consecutive daily updates) I am happy to report that the AntiguaDailyPhoto concept continues expanding in Quetzaltenago, the city in the highlands (Los Altos we call it), with its XelaDailyPhoto and to Guatemala City and the rest of the country with GuatemalaDailyPhoto. To me there is no greater satisfaction than to be able to share with others, to lend a hand and to provide all the interesting information I come across. Of course, none of it would be possible without the support from my girlfriend, family and friends. A big THANK YOU for all their and your support!

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