Theme Day: Tranquility

Tranquility at Parque Central of Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness. —Thomas Jefferson

As most firsts of the month AntiguaDailyPhoto is participating on the theme day organized by the DailyPhoto community on the first of june. Tranquility is the theme selected for June 2012. Take a quick and quiet tour around the world to look at the tranquil scenes being shared by other DailyPhoto cities.

As opposed to other large metropolitan cities like London, Paris or Sydney, Antigua Guatemala could be considered an enchanting and tranquil little town with its hundreds of fountains everywhere, it only takes a few steps to find a quiet and secluded spot to listen to the relaxing murmurs of a fountain, fuente as we say in Spanish. Even at the main fountain, Fuente de las Sirenas, at the main square, Plaza Mayor, one can find tranquility through the day.

What’s your favorite relaxing spot in Antigua Guatemala?

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