Guateflora: Clavel de cerco

Guateflora: Clavel de cerco or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis by Rudy Girón

Guateflora: Clavel de cerco or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis close-up by Rudy GirónHalf jokingly I stated that I wish I had some Google Goggles with me every time I go out to take photos so I know what I am photographing, especially when taking pictures of flora and fauna. Well, a few people in Facebook took over the task of determining the identity of the flower above and after 31 comments, one quarter were mine, Bernhard and Gail both identify this flower as Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, also known as clavel de cerco (hedgerow carnation), clavel doble rosa, schizopetalus, schizopetalus Padoga, Lanterne japonaise , Skeleton hibiscus, Japanese Lantern, Fringed Rosemallow, Hibiscus coral. The first comment made by Miguel pointed it out that he believed it was a clavel (carnation). From there my cousin Sandra said it was actually a clavel chino (dianthus chinensis, a Chinese carnation). At one point some people thought it was a climbing rose variation or peony, but at the end after providing a close-up, almost everyone agreed it was Hibiscus rosa-sinensis what we call clavel de cerco in Guatemala or Chapinis clavelis as jokingly Sofía called it.

I really enjoy the exercise of several people coming together to correctly identify a plant from a photograph, an a not very good photo at that. It’s amazing what people can achieve when working towards a common goal, don’t you agree?

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