The sun does not rise the same for everyone

Child Labor in Guatemala by Rudy Giron - <a href="" ></a>

Over six years ago I pondered about the future of Guatemala and its child labor force: The future of a society is with the children and their education and preparation. What kind of future awaits for Guatemala when its children are on the streets working to survive today. What kind of education and preparation will its labor force have in ten or twenty years? I posted another photo of a child at work on May 7th, 2006 and almost every year since then.

It is very disturbing to me to see children working to survive today instead of being in school and have the minimum provided to them. By the way, child labor is ilegal in Guatemala and school is mandatory for children under 16. As you can see, neither is enforced by the governmental ministries.

Sadly, very little has changed for the less privileged children of Guatemala in the last six years.

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