My Thanksgiving in Antigua Guatemala and Aerial Views of Antigua Series

Aerial Views of Antigua Guatemala Series by Nelo Mijangos

Today we begin a series of aerial vistas of Antigua Guatemala. First of all, let’s thank Nelo Mijangos for sharing this wonderful series of aerial views of Antigua Guatemala. Make sure you click on the photos to get the larger version to look at the details.

Today’s is Thanksgivin in the U.S., but in Guatemala is just another day. Except for the expatriates from the United States who observe the Thanksgiving holiday, most Guatemalans go about their day as any other day. I, however, have lots family in the U.S. and in recent years I have spent Thanksgiving there, so please allow me to indulge and share my list for this Thanksgiving. By the way, no turkey for me for this Thanksgiving, but I had Pepián de Gallina criolla for lunch, does that count?

Thanksgiving No. 1: Being able to help with my photos.

As a photographer I enjoy tremendously being able to collaborate with non-profit publications such as ICT Update which has an article on how “A text message-based helpline helps women in Guatemala to prevent and report physical and sexual abuse. Text messages are not only cheap but also much less intimidating for victims of violence in their delicate search for help.” on its October edition, issue 68. One of the photos is mime. If you want to read the entire article at: Texting against abuse and violence.

Thanksgiving No. 2: Having eyes to see and observe the plain-view hidden within the daily life.

Thanksgiving No. 3: Having a heart that still feels for the others.

Thanksgiving No. 4: Having the curiosity to explore new things and to continue growing intellectually.

Thanksgiving No. 5: Having the sense and sensitivity as well as the passion and liking for the arts.

Thanksgiving No. 6: Having the absolute need for travel and discovery of new cultures and traditions.

Thanksgiving No. 7: Having the opportunity and obligation to share the little that I know well.

Thanksgiving No. 8: Having friends with whom to share passions and projects.

Thanksgiving No. 9: Having a huge family that supports me and welcomes me when I go visit them.

Thanksgiving No. 10: Having a partner and cats to keep me in focus.

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