Boy, today was for sure a good day to be on a tree since the land kept on shaking all day long. I believe there were over 7 tremors over 20 tremors that felt around Guatemala City and La Antigua Guatemala.

Check out the #temblorgt trend in Twitter to see all the seismic activity reports.

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  • uffff I just felt 3 :O, funny boy 😀

  • @Andreita, pues necesitas una revisión de oidos y ojos si sólo sentiste tres temblores. Si no estoy mal, van mas de 30 temblores desde el sábado. 😉 Posdata: muchas gracias por tus comentarios.

  • Hola Rudy! I was in Antigua with my parents and sister just a few days ago. We were in Ni Fu, Ni Fa and we felt how the water splashed in the pool. That was one of the many tremors we felt that day. We had just gone on a field trip to Casa Santo Domingo. “I thought it was part of the Antigua experience, “my sister joked. There were also two blackouts. It is interesting and a bit odd to hear people yell like La Llorona to then hear them laugh nervously when a black out happens.

  • Claudia

    Oh no Carmen, please don’t mention la Llorona . . .oddly enough I just got off the phone – perhaps 5 mins ago w/ my sister – I was telling her I had a nightmare that la Llorona was in my house – and I forgot the Ave Maria . . . I woke up drenched in sweat – I was too scared to get up for a while – . . . I had just forgotten about it and now I read your comment . . . I’ll sleep w/ the lamp on tonight. 🙁