Lent Sunday Processions: 4th Santa Ana


By the end of the 4th Sunday procession which comes out of the village of Santa Ana, Nelo Mijangos had already walked 93,2 kms or 57.91 miles on four consecutive Sundays of Lent. For this procession, Nelo decided to show us a detail of the lit float taken at night. Yes, in case you didn’t realise it, this procession thing is all day and night affair. Nelo mentioned that he took 698 photos during along the route of the procession of Santa Ana.

Okay guys if you have any questions for Nelo Mijangos, leave them on the comments and I will get the answers for you and share them here. Shoot your questions pues!

Images by Nelo Mijangos

Map of Lent Sunday Processions: 4th Santa Ana by Nelo Mijangos

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