Lent Sunday Processions: 5th San Bartolomé Becerra


The procession of the fifth Sunday of Lent is quite possibly one of the largest processions in Antigua Guatemala. People just refer to it as the procession of San Bartolo, short for San Bartolomé Becerra. This procession leaves the church around 7 am and comes back 18 hours later, sometime between midnight and 1 am. For this procession Nelo Mijangos walked 39.4 kilometres or 24.48 miles; that’s nearly a marathon. Also, Nelo took 1,233 photos along the route of the procession of San Bartolo. By the way, the picture above is right before the procession enters the church again after nearly 18 hours at 12:33 am. You can see that even after so many hours there are still plenty of people accompanying the processional float.

Map of Lent Sunday Processions: 5th San Bartolomé Becerra by Nelo Mijangos

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