Antigua Guatemala Semana Santa Photos

Antigua Guatemala Semana Santa Photos by Nelo Mijangos

With this gallery of Semana Santa photos from Antigua Guatemala, Nelo Mijangos shares with us an overview of the many vistas one can expect while following a procession in Antigua Guatemala. For instance, the picture above gives us an idea of the length of the float and how many cucuruchos carry it. Below, we can see that cucuruchos come together in all ages to express their devotion; we get to look at the different figures on top of the floats inside the churches as well as outside; further, we see the different costumes wore during the enactment of the crucifixion, including the Romans with their torches; we get to see the huge crowds as well as the all the people working together to create the world-famous Holy Week alfombras (carpets) from Antigua Guatemala.

In my opinion, Nelo has done an outstanding job bringing to us all the haunting and awe-inspiring imagery of the world-famous Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala, don’t you agree?

photos by Nelo Mijangos

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