Real Guatemala: Los albañiles

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Behind the scenes at construction site around Antigua Guatemala

Of course, we can not leave out the albañiles, construction workers, from a series about the Real Guatemala. I don’t know if everyone is building or rebuilding their houses because it seems there are albañiles everywhere you look. Here for instance, we’re looking at the almost finished salón municipal, municipal ballroom, in Ciudad Vieja. Watch the video below to see the albañiles coming and going trying to meet the deadline for this new building only steps from the main square in Ciudad Vieja, the municipality about three miles southwest from Antigua Guatemala.

Aside: In the real Guatemala, justice took several steps back today as the trial in Guatemala of Efraín Rios Montt and Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez for genocide and crimes against humanity was set back to pre-trial phase from November 2011. Would you like to read more, follow the white rabbit.

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