Guatemala has approximately 1,000 species of orchids

Rudy Giron: Flowers of Guatemala &emdash; Orquídea blanca de Guatemala

Seven hundred species of orchids out of 1,000 are actually native to Guatemala.

I found these fragments in an article about orchids a few years ago. I believe the author captured precisely the importance of orchids for Guatemala, don’t you agree?

Guatemala is a colorful country in many ways and has enchanted millions of people, particularly the friends of nature. Orchids are the ambassadors for nature, because in the wild they thrive in an intact environment.

What about the cultivation in our gardens or greenhouses? It’s easy for many species, if we follow some basic rules. Orchids need some shade during their growing period, and at the end a daily bath of sunshine will enhance the flower production. An environment which is comfortable for humans is ideal for orchids, too. Therefore, man and orchids go together.

If this seems to be oversimplified, visit the upcoming orchid show where you can appreciate hundreds of orchids grown by the members of the Guatemalan Orchid Society. Members will be pleased to share with you these colorful beauties and tell you more about the little secrets to grow them in your home.

There are still two more days to enjoy the orchid exhibition at the Museo de Arte Colonial, 5a calle oriente #4 Antigua Guatemala. On Sunday there will be some photo talks and workshops about how to photograph orchids and flowers in general. The entrance fee is merely Q5 for students and Q10 for the general public. Don’t miss them!

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