Get close to appreciate more

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; Close-up of Basil Flowers

When you get close enough, everything turns interesting, don’t think? Now imagine if we apply the same approach of macro photography to the people we meet or encounter; surely they too will be much more interesting; well, that’s my opinion at least.

For instance, this morning I had a chat with the lady that sells atol blanco and I learned that she uses firewood almost exclusively because gas would to prohibitively expensive as well as not as efficient since the burner in gas stove are too small for her cooking style. She makes big pots of chuchitos (tamales), frijoles (beans), atoles, et cetera for daily sale. Furthermore, she told me that because her poyo (firewood stove) and has a plancha (metal plate), which was donated Portillo was running for president, she saves a lot of money in firewood. One tarea everything two months.

Is there anything that you need explained in the paragraph above?

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