German Sausages and Hot Dogs in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; German Sausages and Hot Dogs from Wurst Eck in Antigua Guatemala

This bratwurst mit sauerkraut, German sausage, can be had at Wurst Eck, about half block north of the Tanque de La Unión public washbasins. Wurst Eck is also the spot to have the best high-end and tasty hot dogs in Antigua Guatemala. Anyone who knows German, please, translate Wurst Eck.

This bratwurst reminded me of the entry The Germans in Guatemala, which, by the way, generated an avalanche of comments. Here’s a sample by rworange to entice you to go read the post:

As you know, I got interested in the German influence through the German food that appears on menus and in stores … schnitzel is almost as ubiquitous as chow mein, showing up at restaurants that have not one other thing to do with German food, like Gaia or La Escudilla,

There are the the nearby influences such as Austrian Swiss, etc that show up at such diverse places as La Antigua Vineria which has geschnetzeltes and goulash (another common dish), Chez Christophe has Swiss bread and its Monday night Swiss rachellete (excellent), Todo Baru with its Dutch croquettes, Weiner with its kaiserschmarm (Austrian pancakes).

I’m guessing the Germans have something to do with zeppelins and all those whipped cream cakes.

Of course, the Germans started up the coffee plantations to wash it all down.

Then there are lots of German restaurants such as Jardín Bavaria which has its roast suckling pig Saturdays.

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