Shish Kebabs in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Shish Kebabs in Antigua Guatemala

Here are your Spanish words for today: Shish Kebabs are known as Pinchos in Guatemala and as Brochetas in Mexico, which are the actual skewers. They are similar (but not identical) to Middle Eastern kebabs. These chicken kebabs can be had at Gaia restaurant on Calle del Arco.

As I have mentioned before, La Antigua Guatemala is quite possibly the most cosmopolitan city in Guatemala; perhaps even in Central America. Just follow the white rabbit to see the eating options found in Antigua Guatemala: carpaccio, quiche, curry, sushi, shish kebab, bratwurst mit sauerkraut, Texas BBQ, many options from the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and French cuisines, just to mention a few of the options from the international comidas.

At one point I declared that there were more options to dine out in Antigua Guatemala per square block than in Guatemala City. I still believe this to be true, what’s your opinion?

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