Stereographic Projection of Compañía de Jesús building in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Tiny Planets &emdash; The tiny planet of the Compañía de Jesús building in Antigua Guatemala.

As explained the other day, I had set myself the goals of producing stereographic projections [tiny planets] and panoramic vistas of the main squares or plazas of all the villages and communities around Antigua Guatemala. I will also include interesting buildings that I like such as Compañía de Jesús building in Antigua Guatemala, Palacio del Obispo Francisco Marroquín in San Juan del Obispo, et cetera.

Remember to take a tour through the Tiny Planets category and the Panoramic vistas found in the archives. Enjoy!

Guatemalan Adoptee Carmen Maria Vega Aside: Carmen Maria Vega is the name of both the band and its dynamo lead singer, who serve up a knockout cocktail of classic chanson, gypsy jazz and sheer charisma. Think Piaf goes punk. Carmen Maria Vega was born in Barrio Limón, zona 18, Guatemala City en 1984, but a few months later she was adopted and taken to France where she grew up. I share this with you because I want to show all the possible outcomes of the Guatemalan adoptions, which have virtually stopped now. If you can read Spanish or are handy with the translation tools such as Google Translator, I recommend the excellent interview with Carmen Maria Vega that appeared in esQuissess this week [now in English]. Enjoy again!

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