Every Day is Laundry Day Around Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash; Guategrams: Every Day is Laundry Day

As I have mentioned before, it doesn’t matter what day of the week one stops by the public washbasins, lavaderos around Antigua Guatemala, one will always find the ladies doing the laundry either their own or somebody else’s. I have chatted with several of these women and I’ve asked what were some of the reasons for utilizing the public washbasins even though most of them have running water at home.

These are some of the answers:

  • Public washbasins are more comfortable because they are larger and the water is closer.
  • At the public washbasins I get to see and talk to my friends and neighbors.
  • Public washbasins have plentiful of free water.
  • At the public washbasins I get to see things and people, sort of free entertainment.
  • Public washbasins provide less distractions than being at home doing the laundry.
  • At the public washbasins the temperatures are cooler and thus more comfortable.
  • Public washbasins are my only choice since I do not have running water at home.

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