Guatemalan Cooking School Frijol Feliz

Guatemalan Cooking School Frijol Feliz image by Rudy Giron +© Rudy Giron

Last week I had the opportunity to take some photos of the cooking classes at El Frijo Feliz Cooking School Antigua Guatemala thanks to the invitation of my friend Luis Prieto, manager for the school. Honestly, what a wonderful experience to take back home along the coffee tours and cultural and photographic tours. As they say on their web site:

Take home the rich culture of Guatemala by learning how to prepare the local cuisine! Guatemalan cuisine is an exotic mixture of traditional colonial Spanish and local Mayan cooking that is both delicious and fun to prepare. Classes are small, private, and hands-on with our native Guatemalan Chefs Leivi and Felisa, both natives of Sacatepequez who have specialized in the regional cuisine handed down from mother to daughter. Frijol Feliz offers cooking classes, a sauces class, and culinary tours. Learn how to prepare the dishes in our kitchen and then enjoy your meal in either our beautiful dining room or patio… continue reading at El Frijol Feliz

Heck I live here, yet I feel like taking some cooking classes to learn how to prepare traditional Guatemalan food; how about you?

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