Cocina Colonial at Casa Herrera

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Cocina Colonial at Casa Herrera

In my never ending quest of bringing you the contrast of the ‘Old’ Guatemala versus the ‘New’ Guatemala here’s a new take on the old colonial kitchen peppered with new appliances from Casa Herrera. If you LIKE the original, fresh and creative multimedia content from Antigua Guatemala, please, do SHARE it!

As I have mentioned before, living in Antigua Guatemala is not time traveling to the past, but rather, it’s more like collapsing the time-distance among different time periods so that they co-exist all at once. Am I making any sense?

Below you can also see my first attempt at capturing the raw beauty of this kitchen. Which photo do you like better?

By the way, here’s the official welcome message for Casa Herrera at University of Texas at Austin:

The Casa Herrera is a new research, conference and teaching facility located in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala, operated by the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the Fundación Pantaleón. As an extension of the university’s Mesoamerica Center, the Casa Herrera focuses on the varied and inter-related disciplines that contribute to the study of Pre-Columbian art, archaeology, history and culture. Its larger mission is to create new opportunities for education and research, facilitating learning and dialogue in many fields of study, among scholars and students from many institutions and nations in Central America and beyond.

Colonial Kitchen with Modern Appliances

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