Taking Selfies at Calle del Arco, Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Taking Selfies at Calle del Arco

Ahh, selfies, what do your selfies say about you? Let’s see what this article on Psychology Today says about that:

Ever since smartphones came equipped with cameras that face not just outward but also backward at the user, the self-portrait—dubbed the “selfie”—has taken over social media, particularly Instagram. (It’s popular on dating sites, as well.) Because of the selfie’s close-up nature, it’s far more intimate than, say, the portrait your sister took of you standing in front of the Grand Canyon. Many selfies carry sexual undertones, especially since the majority of selfies are, obviously, user-approved, and designed to leave a positive impression or elicit a positive response. But it’s not just technology that has driven the selfie—and it’s not only teenage girls and singles using it to take control of how they present themselves to the world… continue reading the full article at Psychology Today.

Weather Report Aside: Today has been a day full of rains, landslides, accidents, and chaos through Guatemala due to the effects of the tropical depression two-E. You can follow the traffic reports on Twitter, #traficoGT, to see pictures and damages this tropical depression is causing through out Guatemala.

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