Beautiful Maya Kaqchikel Smiles from Guatemala

A quick visit this Sunday to Santa María de Jesús, the municipality south of Antigua Guatemala and the highest community on the skirt of Volcán de Agua was very gratifying due to the friendliness of the people living there, especially so the Maya Kaqchikel, who are the majority. I say it was quick because it started raining very heavily and we had to cut short the exploration of the town. However, I was able to bring back a few documentary images, including these wonderful and warm smiles.

If you would like to visit Santa María de Jesús, you can take a public transit shuttle at the bus terminal behind the market for Q3,50/$0.45 each way. So for less than $1 you can visit this interesting Maya Kaqchikel village and get to see some amazing panoramic vistas on the way there. If you are driving, take the paved road south of El Calvario Church and follow the signs towards Santa María de Jesús, can’t miss it since the road destination is the village itself.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Beautiful Guatemalan Smiles

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