Antigua Food & Wine Presentation

Antigua Food & Wine Presentation, image by Rudy Giron +

Today I had the opportunity to taste several Syrah/Shiraz wines from different regions of the world and catch up with many of my friends and acquaintances from the most popular restaurants in Antigua Guatemala as part of a wine tasting organised by Degustantigua and Escuela Española de Sommeliers as part of their presentation of Antigua Food & Wine. Some of the acquaintances and friends I had the chance to talk to were from Sabe Rico, Como Como, Mediterráneo, Fernando’s Kaffee, Cocina del Obispo, Rincón del Conquistador, Hector’s Bistro, Las Palmas, etc.

Antigua Food & Wine is a new project trying to position Antigua Guatemala as the wine capital of Central America through the orchestration of a selected wine per month to be available at participating restaurants with various dishes especially prepared for such wine. I like the project already and I hope to report more about it as I get to taste the wine and food serve in the upcoming months. Who wants to know more about it?

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