Guatemala’s colors are on display every year on September 15 to mark Independence Day

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guatemala’s colors on display in September 15

Honestly, I don’t know why we still celebrate Independence Day in Guatemala. What we should be doing is putting a classified in the Nordic countries and any other wealthy country in Asia, or anywhere really, to put Guatemala back on the market as a colony.

What we offer: great weather, paradisiac tropical vacations, rich culture and traditions, Maya heritage and over 5,000 registered sites, lots volcanoes [some of them active], over 300 micro weather regions, top quality coffee, the most beautiful lake in the world, the delightful and enchanting Antigua Guatemala, et cetera, etc. What we want: a government that works for the welfare of ALL the people, not just the president’s staff, better redistribution of wealth so we can reduce inequality to the lowest possible levels, guaranteed education and welfare for children under 18 and inexpensive or preferably free, quality college education for anyone who wants it; free, high quality universal health service; safety and security for people and property, lowest crime rates, true protection of the environment and natural resources; gender equality, et cetera, etc.

Those interested countries, please submit proposal at

On the other hand, we should still observe Independence Day so Google can create doodle to for Guatemala’s on September 15. 😉 Follow the white rabbit through a tour of the different Google doodles about Guatemala through the years.
Google's doodle to celebrate Guatemala’s Independence Day 2014

Here are the pictures of Independencia 2014 in Antigua Guatemala by long-time reader and contributor Guy Howard. Enjoy!

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