#GoOrganic: Saving Seeds

Rudy Giron: Organic Tours at Caoba Farms, Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Go Organic: Seed Bank at Caoba Farm

This is part of the seed bank at Caoba Farms in Antigua Guatemala, the last stop of the organic tour hosted by the farms.

Honest, I don’t know what’s the big deal of letting companies patent seeds and nature. I believe it is just envy that Monsanto and the like have better lawyers and lobbyists that can circumvent constitutions and laws the world over for profit. Come on, it’s a wild world out there, you can be the predator or the prey. Who cares if we destroy the natural and organic biodiversity by introducing genetically modified seeds and crops into the environment as long as there is profit to be made. We should be able to patent and copyright the air as well, I mean there’s so much of it and why nobody is making money yet by charging people for inhaling and exhaling. Honest, why not, if land and water can be owned and companies can suit farmers for reusing seeds out of there crops, what’s stopping us from owning the air. The only thing that matters is profit, right?

How common are genetically modified organisms, GMOs?
The United States is the world leader in genetically engineered crop production, with 165 million acres, or nearly half of global production. Currently in the United States, approximately 85% of all processed foods contain GMOs. Read all the frequently asked questions and the answers at GMO OMG film website.

4 Easy Ways to Avoid Dangerous GMOs

You can watch now the documentary film GMO OMG on Netflix.

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