Run, Nelo, Run For Water

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Run, Nelo, Run For Water

Nelo Mijangos is turning his hobby and passion for running into a good cause. So is Ariana Pizzatti. Both of them will run 113 kilometres between Antigua Guatemala and Panajachel this Saturday, December 6, in the hopes of raising enough money to be able to provide 500 schools and 15 thousand kids with clean potable water and decrease the insane rate of deaths due to contaminated waters, declares Arianna Pizzatti on her FB wall. Please help them reach their goal by donating as little as $1 = Q7.5 not even a cup of coffee for most of us, but an opportunity to live for many kids! More information at the Run For Water Challenge page.


Run, Nelo, Run For Water

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