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Nelo Mijangos

Run, Nelo, Run For Water

Nelo Mijangos is turning his hobby and passion for running into a good cause. So is Ariana Pizzatti. Both of them will …

Antigüeños Contra la Delincuencia by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

Antigüeños contra la delincuencia

Los antigüeños ya estamos cansados de tantos hechos delictivos que están pasando en nuestra amada ciudad mientras tanto las autoridades no se …

She & Him

If you meet to dine with other photographers you’re destined to talk about photography and get the gear out at one point …

Leonel -Nelo- Miijangos hard at work by Norman Ávila

Nelo’s Vantage Point

Norman Ávila, the brains and enthusiastic person behind ClimaYa (Guatemala’s real-time weather reports), sent me these images of Nelo at work hanging from an electric pole. Later on Nelo sent me a photo he took from this vantage point with his iPhone 4. Thanks to Norman Ávila we get the real-time weather reports in AntiguaDailyPhoto, GuatemalaDailyPhoto and XelaDailyPhoto.

Antigua Holy Week Imagery by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

Antigua Holy Week Imagery

Do not underestimate the power of catholic imagery. You see, the world-famous Antigua Guatemala processions are about showing the devoted images as a reminder and representation of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Also, today all Stations of the Cross altars will be open and many if not all procession will pay a visit to El Calvario Church, which is located on the southern outskirts of La Antigua Guatemala. El Calvario or Calvary (Golgotha) is the name of the mount on the outskirts of Jerusalem where it’s believe Jesus Christ was crucified. This church with its three arches provides a symbolic representation of the crucifixion; with each arch representing each cross.

Antigua Holy Week Cucuruchos

Cucuruchos with their purple or violet cone-head rebes are another prominent element of Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala. Purple is worn as …

Antigua Holy Week Floats

There’s nothing more impressive during the Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala than seen these massive floats, andas in Spanish, being carried by …

The Holy Week Photographers by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

The Holy Week Photographers

Okay, the 365-day wait is over. The world-famous Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala is here. Get your cameras ready and join …

Antigua Lent Processions: Santa Ana

We continue our series Antigua Lent Processions thanks to the wonderful imagery of our friend and collaborator Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos who has …