Behind the Scenes the “Rally de Fotos” Ad

Behind the Scenes the "Rally de Fotos" Ad in Antigua Guatemala by Nelo Mijangos

La Antigua Guatemala is one of the most popular photographic locations in Guatemala.

Once again Antigua Guatemala was used as backdrop location for a photo session. It’s quite common to see photographers from all over Guatemala who come to our beloved city to shoot wedding sessions, models, products and not just photography, big stuff such as video production and cinematographic films crews are seen around Antigua Guatemala.

In this particular occasion some of the people that who are behind of the organization of a new and different event in Guatemala called “Rally de Fotos” were shooting some photos for the promotional banner ad. The crew consisted of Nidia Giron, Geovin Morales and Nelo Mijangos who were both photographers and models behind final photo selected. In the gallery below we can see some of the ideas behind the creative process and through the differences of the light we get to that the shooting lasted several hours.

If you’re around Antigua Guatemala this weekend perhaps you could be interested in participating in the first Rally de Fotos in Guatemala. The rules are very simple: You have 8 hours to get 8 photographs, one photo per hour per theme, 8 themes total. Because nobody knows what themes would be until the hour when the theme is announced. That’s quite a challenge because you only have 60 minutes to get the best photo for the theme and you are competing against over one hundred photographers. However, the best part comes at the end when you have to deliver your memory card with ONLY 8 photos, one for each theme that you took within the hour you had for it. The photos must be delivered with no editing in Photoshop or any other post-production editing software. Yes, that means photos from the camera to the photo contest.

If you are interested in participating or just following the updates? Get more information at

text and photos by Nelo Mijangos & Geovin Morales

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