Antigua Lent Processions: Jesús de Santa Inés

2011 Jesús de Santa Inés Procession by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

The village of Santa Inés is located on the edge of La Antigua Guatemala, to the right of the road that takes you to Guatemala City. I shared with you a photograph of the road taken from Santa Inés on April 1, 2011. I would venture to say that because Santa Inés village is located on the exit road to Guatemala City many people do take the time to visit, myself included. It’s a shame because Santa Inés has an interesting layout, mostly a strip on a downhill. Also, Santa Inés is very rich and colorful with a strong sense of community as these photos show.

I will try to convince Nelo to share his photos of all the other velaciones and processions from the other villages or churches for the upcoming weekend; with three more days of Semana Santa photos we’ll be in tune for the Holy Week which is fast approaching upon us.

All photos by Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos

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