Nelo’s Vantage Point

Leonel -Nelo- Miijangos hard at work by Norman Ávila

I want to publicly thank my dear friend and colleague Nelo Mijangos for sharing his wonderful Lent and Holy Week photography with us. Also, I want to praise his fabulous new angles and less traditional perspectives for the Holy Week photos.

Norman Ávila, the brains and enthusiastic person behind ClimaYa (Guatemala’s real-time weather reports), sent me these images of Nelo at work hanging from an electric pole. Later on Nelo sent me a photo he took from this vantage point with his iPhone 4. Thanks to Norman Ávila we get the real-time weather reports in AntiguaDailyPhoto, GuatemalaDailyPhoto and XelaDailyPhoto.

If you appreciate the Lent and Holy Week photos shared with us by Nelo, please do let him know in the comments.

Last but not least, remember that you can check out what happened during Holy Week in XelaDailyPhoto and GuatemalaDailyPhoto.

Photos of Leonel Mijangos by Norman Ávila. Vantage point photo by Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos

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