Antigua Lent Processions: Jesús de Santa Catalina Bobadilla

2011 Jesús de Santa Catalina Bobadilla Procession by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

First thing first, my dear friend Nelo informs me that on the first Wednesday of the Lent period, also known as Ash Wednesday, the first velación (wake ceremony I believe is the translation for it; correct me if I’m wrong) is organized for the following Saturday at Santa Catalina Bobadilla, which is ALWAYS the first procession of Lent in La Antigua Guatemala. See, there’s an order not imposed by anyone for all the processions to follow during Cuaresma and Semana Santa. After the velación, on Sunday the procession leaves the village church around mid-day and heads over to La Antigua Guatemala takes a winding path all around Antigua for about 12 hours. Each week the process repeats to the T, except it is different village and church where the procession leaves.

Nelo has offered to share these fabulous photos with us for the very first velación and procession of 2011 as well as the following weeks. I will publish one week’s processional photos per day beggining today.

Do you know what’s the second Lent procession in Antigua Guatemala?

All photos by Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos

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