The Shoe-shine Transaction

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Shoe-shine Transaction

Here’s one of my tips from the street photography walks: Anticipate your photos. In other words, visualize your picture before it becomes a reality. When you do that, you can be ready with your finger on the shutter release the moment the picture materializes. During the photo walks I go through many samples and ideas to be ready for the ephemeral images. Here, for instance, I know that at one point during the shoe shining, there will be money exchanging hands, so be ready for it, frame it before hand so you can have a strong composition when the transaction finally happens. That’s how I was able to capture the Buñuelo transaction picture.

Holy Week Elements Antigua Photo Walks: During Lent and the Holy Week I will be hosting special photo walks themed around the elements of the Holy Week. I still have some dates available, so hurry and book your private photo walk now before it is too late. I promise you a very special and information-packed photo walk with hundreds of photo opportunities. To get a sense of the things we will photograph, take a photo tour through the Holy Week Elements.

Antigua Photo Walks: Holy Week Elements  with Rudy Giron

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