-13 Days to 9th Anniversary: Tres Generaciones

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Tres Generaciones, Antigua Guatemala © Rudy Giron

How would you caption this picture?

We all have different approaches to documenting the quotidian life in the cities we happen to live in the Daily Photo City Community. The same can be said about the subjects we pick and the kind of photography each of us like to practice. Street photography is my thing because I like to capture people, their interactions, their clashes, their feeling, their thoughts, et-cetera. I also like to capture color and texture. If I am lucky I can get all of that in one photograph. Well, I don’t have enough words to describe the feeling or “puncture” I derive from this photograph as Roland Barthes calls it in his book Camera Lucida. The interesting part about photography is that we are all affected or tickled by different things. This photo might not do anything for you.

So what’s the recipe for Guatemala’s spell? Well you need start with sunshine, lots of it in the morning and in the afternoon—even in the rainy season [Winter is coming!]; a nice warm and temperate weather; add tons of color and texture to that; don’t forget to include the exotic element; stir up culture and tradition from the many flavors of Guatemalans (Indigenous, Xincas, Garí­funas, Mestizos, Whites, Catholics, Evangelicals [lots, lots of them]); don’t forget great the Mayan, colonial, modern and vernacular architecture with many contrasts; mix-in fresh fruits, vegetables, and Guatemalan dishes; you now have about half the ingredients of the magic potion. I will continue with this recipe as we progress—keep the flame on low for now.

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