Pacaya Season in Antigua Guatemala

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What came first, pacayas or pacaya volcano?

Right now, pacayas are in season and found in the mercados through of Guatemala. In Guatemala we call them pacayas, in other places are known as date palms [in English]. Pacayas are an staple of the Guatemalan gastronomy. Pacayas can be found pickled, like in the fiambre salad, charbroiled, boiled, and most often covered with egg batter (envuelta en huevo) and bathe with tomato sauce. You know, I believe I could possibly do an entire series of Guatemalan foods envueltas en huevo (covered with egg batter). If I did such a series, I would begin with Guatemalan chilaquiles, which are totally different than Mexican chilaquiles.

Would you like a series of foods envueltas en huevo?

Guatemalan Cuisine: Pacayas

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