Close encounters of the third kind in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; © Close encounters of the third kind by Rudy Giron

Two women worlds apart! That’s the story.

This is the sort of thing we do all the time during the Antigua Photo Walks. In fact, here I was teaching how to anticipate photographs and tell stories by the juxtaposition of elements in the frame. Nothing was setup, I was simply walking around and I mentioned how you have to anticipate your photographs, then I lowered the camera and simply waited a couple of seconds until both women were almost next to each other and I released the shutter the moment the legs were spread apart for the movement effect. The whole thing from the moment I mentioned it to the actual picture was probably 15 seconds.

You should take a photo walk or photo workshop with me next time you’re in town!

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