Carnitas or chicharrones, that is the question

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan gastronomy &emdash; Carnitas or Chicharrones?

Oh the world is full of decisions. To be or not to be; should I stay or should I go; color or black-&-white; and so on until we get to the decision to either have carnitas or chicharrones. Life is tough, I tell you. Sometimes the best thing one can do is not to go either, but with both. I mean, come on, who made the decision that one should only have chicharrones or carnitas at the same time; why can we have both.

So how about some yellow tortillas with chicharrones, carnitas, chojín [reddish salad], lime and a deep-fried jalapeño?

By the way, this plate can be had at Chicharrones and Carnitas Eric, the best place I have found around Antigua Guatemala and the favourite place in the world for chicharrones for chef Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods. I can’t find the reference now on his active feed, but I did read Zimmern’s statement regarding these chicharrones.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Andrew Zimmern at Chicharrones y Carnitas Erick, Antigua Guatemala

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