Guatemalan Beans and Maize Stand at the Mercado, Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guatemalan Beans and Maize Stand at the mercado central

We are what we eat. So Guatemalans are made from a big proportion of maize, beans, fruits and vegetables. Of course, beans and maize are even mentioned in the Popol Vuh, the sacred Mayan book of the creation, as being part of the genesis of humanity.

Guatemalans prefer black beans over all other kinds, but it does not mean that black beans are the only legumes that we eat. Not too long ago I shared the post about the Guatemalan dish of rice and beans from the Garífuna culture and someone on Facebook said that if this dish was Guatemalan shouldn’t it come with black beans. Well, it could and I am sure it does sometimes, but in Guatemala we eat all kinds of beans, not just black. Frijoles colorados [read beans] and frijoles blancos [white beans] are also very popular legumes in the Guatemalan diet. Make sure you follow the white rabbit [links] to read about those Guatemalan dishes.

If you ever come to La Antigua Guatemala, make sure you pay a visit to el mercado, the market, on market day to really appreciate what Guatemalans are made of. 😉

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