Fish Ceviche From Los 7 Caldos

Rudy Giron: Food Photography &emdash; Ceviche peruano from Los 7 Caldos

As I posted before, much has been said about ceviches and there are almost as many spellings [seviche, cebiche, sebiche] as there are recipes from all the different countries of Latin America. But three ceviches styles are the most widely known: The Mexican, The Peruvian and The Guatemalan Ceviche. All seviches have their own twist and I have to admit that the Guatemalan cebiche with conchas (shellfish with dark, almost black, ink) is the least appealing of all. Yet, for those brave enough to have tried it, the Guatemalan conchas ceviche is a total delicacy.

I have to admit publicly here that my favourite ceviche is in fact the Peruvian seviche. Thus far, I have to make at home because I hadn’t found a decent restaurant that serves it, until now, that is. The Peruvian fish ceviche shown here is from Los 7 Caldos restaurant. ¡Buen provecho!

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