Guatemalan Food: Iguana

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan gastronomy &emdash; Guatemalan Exotic Foods- Iguana

The Guatemalan gastronomy can be very exotic at times. Iguana prepared with tomato and chile sauce as shown here, with black tortillas gives a pretty good glimpse at what pre-Columbian foods looked like. To think that before the “discovery” of the American continent, Europeans didn’t have tomatoes, chiles, avocados and hundreds of other staple foods. No maize or potatoes. Wow, think about it, what did the European diet looked like?

Iguana can be found in very special diners inside the mercado municipal of Antigua Guatemala only on market days. An order as shown here will set you back Q10/$1.25. What does iguana taste like? Well some people claim it tastes like chicken. I think the taste is closer to smokey fish. ¡Buen provecho!

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