Who Wants A Giant Guatemalan Tamal, Anyone, Anyone?

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan tamales &emdash; Unwrapped Giant Tamal from Guatemala

Some tamales are bigger than others. How bigger, I hear you asking. Well these giant tamales from oriente, that’s what we call the eastern side of Guatemala are four to five times the normal size.

It is very important to include a size reference element for comparison whenever the size of something needs to be shown. That’s why I included a a fork, a cup of coffee and some apples next to the “tamal de oriente” so we can get an idea of how much bigger the tamal is.

As I have said before, the giant tamal de oriente is not only bigger, but it also included lots of meat, usually pork or turkey. The seasoning ingredients are different as well.

Who wants a giant Guatemalan tamal, anyone, anyone?

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