Antigua Sandwich Week: Choripán

Rudy Giron: Food Photography &emdash; Choripan argentino

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Choripán for Argentine sausage sandwich.

There’s a little bistro in the zaguán of Casa del Arco, right across from Campero that sells Argentine sandwiches, including the choripan, which is to say the least, the simplest sandwich one can make. The choripan is made with a French baguette, Argentine chimichurri [olive oil, garlic and parsley dressing] and the roasted Argentine chorizo or white pork sausage.Boy oh boy, this sandwich is so satisfying and delicious because the three ingredients are high quality. Still, a bit pricey at Q26/$3.25, but, I am sure most of that is rent money. ¡Buen provecho!

‪#‎PerhapsYouNeedALittleGuatemala‬ from 1950s. Pay attention to all the recommendations and don’t forget to spend time in Guatemala City, the cleanest city in Latin America.

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