The Exhibitionist Fuego

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Fuego The Exhibitionist

The last few months, starting with the dry season, have been months of high volcanic activity for Fuego volcano, the most exhibitionist mountain in Guatemala. Yesterday the eruptions were so powerful that lava rivers were thrown in to the air, 500 to 1000 meters above the crater. If you were in Antigua Guatemala, you were treated to a magnificent pyromaniac show.

There’s a vibe, a very special vibe, or energy that one can experience in La Antigua Guatemala. Let me explain. A quick stop at Pilas de Santa Clara, better known as Tanque de La Unión, can result in helping a friend with a lifestyle photo shoot; video recording behind the scenes of a new song’s video clip by Ishto Juevez and other popular musicians from Antigua Guatemala; being at the right time and spot to capture some incendiary volcanic eruptions at sunset; catching up with an acquaintance while making beautiful pictures of the pyromaniac show in the horizon; and lastly, making some portraits of espantos, La Llorona and El Sombrerón to be precise before they meet up with world-famous Alexis Cuentacuentos [story-teller] and a large crowd eager to learn the legends of Antigua Guatemala. Here’s a taste of it so can experience the magical atmosphere of La Antigua and its people. Enjoy!

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