Street Food Vendors Around Parque Central

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Street Food Vendors

Often in orientation talks organizations discourage the consumption of street food and for a good reasons. However, a blank statement like do not eat street food is a disservice as there are some street foods that one can eat without experiencing Montezuma’s revenge. For instance, most foods that have been cooked for hours and are covered inside a pot is okay to eat. Fruits that you peel yourself such as bananas, oranges are also okay to eat. You should stay away from most foods on display that are not covered as even if they were prepared with hygiene procedures, once they are on display on the streets they can become tainted. So, as long as the foods were cooked for hours and they are served out of covered pot or you have to peel it, they are safe to eat.

Around Parque Central during the noon hours, you can find street food vendors that sell home-made cooked meals out of pots using disposable dishes. A lunch like this caldo de res, beef stew, go for Q15/$2 to Q20/$2.25 and include tortillas and a fresh fruit drink. ¡Buen provecho!

Follow the white rabbit to » learn about the other street foods that you often find in and around Antigua Guatemala.

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