Chicken Tikka Masala from Pushkar

Rudy Giron: Food Photography &emdash; Chicken Tikka Masala from Pushkar

I have to admit I like the presentation of chicken tikka masala from Pushkar much better. At this venue the marinated chicken tikka chunks are blended into a curry sauce with yoghurt and cream base. Served with rice for Q89/$12. The naan and lassi are sold here for Q25/$3.27 and Q30/$4.05 respectively for a grand total of Q158/$21.50.¡Buen provecho!

As you can see, it’s quite expensive to eat Indian food in Antigua Guatemala. Of course, to many of you, either $16.90 or $21.50 does not sound as much, but let me put it in context of the Guatemalan economy; to eat chicken tikka massala, an order naan and lassi at Ganesh, you pay 1.6 of minimum daily wages and a little over 2 days minimum daily wages to do the same at Pushkar, being Q75 per day the minimum wage earn by a worker in Guatemala.

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