Beans and grains booth inside the Antigua Guatemala market

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; it's nap time inside the mercado of Antigua Guatemala

Look at all the different kinds of beans available at this grains stand inside the mercado of Antigua Guatemala. The same can be said about the maize varieties. Yet, many people think that we only eat black beans and white corn in Guatemala. You have to remember these lands are the birthplace for many staple foods consumed through out the world now, such as beans, maize, pumpkins, chile peppers, squash, tomatoes, miltomate [tomatillo], pearl fruits, avocados, et cetera. Perhaps, this is why we should protect Meso America from genetically modified organisms, GMO foods, such as the stuff offer by the likes of Monsanto. If as humanity we lose the seed diversity available in Meso America for such important crops, who knows what difficulties we will bring to the health and diet of humanity.

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