Guatemala is preparing for fiambre day

Guatemala is preparing for fiambre day by Rudy Giron

What’s fiambre I hear you asking, right? Well, simply put fiambre is a salad. Go down to the bottom of this post to see what this salad looks like.

As I have said before, honestly, I don’t know why the salads get such a bad reputation with men. I mean take a look at fiambre, a salad, really. Let’s call it a super salad which has lots of cold cut meats, all kinds: sausages, hams, chicken, sea food, meats pork and beef. The fiambre salad has over 25 meats.

Watch this time-lapsed video that shows all the steps and ingredients that go into to the fiambre salad. This is reason enough to visit Guatemala for Day of the Dead on November 1st.

Fiambre For the Dead by Rudy Giron -

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