Vibrant Colors and Smiles from Antigua Guatemala


Today I share with you the vibrant colors and smiles from Antigua Guatemala.

Meet the sisters Erica and Jackelin, two of the Maya vendors I have come to know and photograph often. As it is the case often, initially they were hesitant to pose for my camera. I don’t blame them, often people take their picture without permission and without any interaction. That is why one of the things that I share during the Photo Walks I lead is how to approach our subjects with respect and engage with honest interest.

Once we became friends and they received a couple of prints of my Free Portrait Prints Project, they actually enjoy posing for my camera quite often, In fact, I have probably made more portraits of them than any other people out on the streets.

As I often say, you get out of the streets what you put in and in that respect I have been very fortunate to the opportunity to make portraits of countless people from all walks of life in the over 14 years I have been photographing the people of Antigua Guatemala.

This May 1st, 2020, Antigua Daily Photo will be celebrating 14 years of daily life photo updates. Who would have thought there was so much to share from Antigua Guatemala.

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