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Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles BY RUDY GIRON

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles

As I have said recently, one of the most satisfying things I have been doing for a couple of years now is giving away free instantaneous prints of the portraits I make of total strangers on the streets while leading the Antigua Photo Walks… tap for full image!

Guatemalan Smiles at The Park

This is what happens when you point your camera to Guatemalans, yes automatic smiles. I dare you to try it next time …

Smiles in Antigua Guatemala

  One of the things one can encounter quite often on the streets of Antigua Guatemala is smiles. Big smiles are everywhere around …

What’s Up?

I believe I’ve been talking way too much. It is your turn to talk now. AntiguaDailyPhoto is fun if we both talk. …