Happy People and Smiles from San Pedro Las Huertas

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Happy People and Smiles from San Pedro Las Huertas

If you visit Antigua Guatemala and don’t spend some time in the villages, you’re missing a lot. There’s nothing more authentic than life in the aldeas, as we call the villages. You can move a mile or two from downtown Antigua Guatemala, but you’re moving decades in time when you visit the villages, most filled with happy and friendly people. Today’s picture is a very good example of that. Here a woman is surprise as she encountered three photographers literally outside her door and she greeted us with buenos días, good morning and a beautiful smile. Make sure you visit any of the villages of Antigua Guatemala, but especially so San Pedro Las Huertas, San Juan del Obispo, San Gaspar, Santa Catarina, San Cristóbal El Bajo and El Alto.

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