Take my picture, take my picture!

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Take my picture too!

Smiles, big smiles, that’s something that I really enjoy about roaming the streets with a camera in hand. Sometimes I look for natural unposed fleeting gestures in people, sometimes I walk of up them and ask if I can take their picture, sometimes they come to me ask me to their picture, as was the case with this little boy who said, “take my picture, take my picture!” And how could I refuse if he came with big smiles and a good vibe. By the way, this incident happened while I was leading a photo walk through the streets of Antigua Guatemala.

As I mentioned the other day, I really enjoy leading the photo walks because I am able to share my passion for Antigua Guatemala and photography at the same time. To me, the photo walks are a natural progression and extension of what I do here since sharing the knowledge I have acquired through the process of publishing daily posts is among the things I enjoy the most. Below, you can find the summary about the photo walks. Please, come and join me this morning in the photo walk that I will be leading, Revealing the secrets of Antigua Guatemala. We will meet at Máximo Nivel Intercultural Center, 6a avenida norte #16, Antigua Guatemala at 9am.

There are Public and Private Custom Antigua Photo Walks. Public Antigua Photo Walks are given on specific dates and times; check out my public photo walk updates. They are usually around a theme; see the list below. The duration of public photo walks is about 2 hours. Photo walks can be in English or Spanish both.

Public Antigua Photo walk themes:

+ Secrets of Antigua Guatemala
+ Around the Market & Bus Terminal
+ Hunting Mermaids in Antigua
+ Photographic Composition Tips
+ Street Photography Portraits Challenge

Private Antigua Photo Walks are customized to the exact needs, interests, schedule, and skill level and are private for you, your family, or your traveling group. The duration of private photo walks is 3 or 5 hours or a full day. For more information call +502 4569 4419 or visit www.AntiguaPhotoWalks.com to book a photo walk.

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