14th Anniversary — Only Shopping for the Essentials


AntiguaDailyPhoto.com began on May Day 2006 with the goal of sharing daily life imagery from the little town of Antigua Guatemala, embedded among towering colossal volcanoes in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala, located in northern Central America. With a tiny footprint of about one squared kilometer [0.6 of a mile] I figure I would ran out of things to share in about 30 days or so. Well, 5115 days or 14 years later, I still find new quotidian vistas to share with y’all.

For instance, today I am sharing a quotidian vista of people shopping at a fast-food restaurant which is only allowed to sell pick-up or delivery orders. Certainly, a daily life vista spawn by the world health crisis produced by the pandemic Covid-19 which is being caused by the novel virus SARS-COV-2. Take a look at what the other Daily City Photo participants sharing for the theme day: Shopping.

As you can see through these photographs, people wait in line, with a “safe” distance apart marked on the wall, to order by the door. Food is handed out through a window a few steps away, as shown below. Notice how the “safe” distance protocol is not followed up at the pick-up window.


The other options for ordering food for delivery show the quotidian vistas of these times: UberEats and Glovo apps, which have disrupted the traditional local food deliveries already set in place, often by the restaurants themselves. Interesting enough, by using these apps, restaurants lose revenue and patrons pay more, yet the green backpacks [Uber Eats] and yellow backpacks [Glovo] are everywhere.


Honestly, I hope you have enjoyed daily photographic posts as much I have creating them for you. Please, DO SHARE your thoughts about AntiguaDailyPhoto.com or my work. For instance, let me know when did you encounter it for the first time; what’s been your favourite post or posts. It’s your time to share with me.

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